Brenda MacDonald

Ran Beaches/East York – Ward 19

As a 25 year member of our community I have been encouraged to continue writing my blog and staying informed in ward 19. There are many concerns regarding safer streets and sidewalks, public park land and water, as well as, community needs. 


About: Brenda is a well-known music instructor and professional singer who is politically active. She is a dedicated, hard-working educator and facilitator with over 25 years of experience – living, working and raising a family in Beaches – East York. She is a nonpartisan, equitable representative for the Constituents of Ward 19. Brenda can fully demonstrate fiscal responsibility in City Hall. By working with all the Constituents, community groups, organizations, stakeholders and neighbours – together we can find the most effective communication tools to help Taxpayers navigate proposed changes to our infrastructure planning, investment and shared development of our Great City.  Communication is Key! 

Key Issues

From core infrastructure to essential services Toronto needs to maintain and renew a better deal for taxpayers and the city.
Transit, Gridlock, and crumbling infrastructure are issues that are affecting Toronto’s economy.
Let’s work together as city council to move forward (with planning) to build a workable city for all our future.

Excellent Communication:

Open and transparent policies make your taxes work!

Protecting our PUBLIC WATER, LAND and ASSETS is paramount! Public Land and Water should never be put in jeopardy to development. Let’s protect our City Parks and Wetlands in East York and our Lakefront in the Beaches. What we do here in the East affects all of Toronto.

Responsible development is an asset to Beaches/East York and it’s growth within Toronto.

My Big Idea – A Walkable Ward 

Our Streets and Sidewalks need to be passable and safe to use for everyone. Our City is not accessible. When the laws were changing for Streets and Sidewalks under the new Harmonized Zoning Bylaws many problems were brought forward by citizens like myself who found obvious errors and shortcomings in the laws. It is important to attend to these changes and ensure they are implemented and executed properly in the first place.

Changing Policy Is Necessary

City Council needs Term Limits as well as “no party” affiliate clauses to protect Constituents from ‘grand-standing’ and constant campaigning.
“No Party” affiliate clauses could help to prevent taxpayers from Provincial Party’s dictating local municipal politics. Let’s work together on the City of Toronto’s real issues and not the mandates of political parties in City Hall.

Strict adherences to more stringent conflict of interest rules of conduct are needed to ensure that Council is working for Toronto efficiently and transparently; for our greater good.

City Council needs to step up its game. We aren’t Customers, we’re Citizens, Taxpayers, and Voters!

Let’s communicate together effectively as a community.


Danforth Garage Master Plan Community Meeting #2

Tuesday, October 30, 2018
Monarch Park Collegiate Institute – Cafeteria
1 Hanson Street

5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Open House – Master Plan Variable and Framework

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Presentation & Discussion – Draft Master Plan Concepts

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Answer to CBC’s Vote Compass in order of questions asked:

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Know Your Vote Full Answers:


Know your vote was limited to 525 characters per answer so I have included my full answers to constituents for reference:
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Questions from a Constituent:

I have posted open questions of Constituents that I I receive. Some of the questions have been shortened and the names have been left out for privacy reasons. Some of the questions have been asked many times door to door, I have included these in my blog for interested constituents.

Please Visit:

As there has only been one Town Hall for Ward 19 and currently no debates to ask questions of their candidates, I have decided to post open questions of Constituents that I I receive. Some of the questions have been shortened and the names have been left out for privacy reasons. Some of the questions have been asked many times door to door, I have included these in my blog for interested constituents.

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News and Current Events: 

The Toronto Observer – Fresh faces compete for Beaches East York city council:

“I am a community advocate who offers non-partisan representation for all the constituents in Ward 19 and at City Hall. I will work with any mayor and all councillors elected. I can demonstrate fiscal responsibility in setting priorities, offering an equitable plan of action for Ward 19 — to develop a long-term approach to changes to our infrastructure planning, investment and shared development of our great city.” – Brenda MacDonald



Honda recall 1.4 million cars,
14,000 Canadian cars

Nathaniel Erskine-Smith on 

Reducing violent crime: A dialogue on handguns and assault weapons


Please complete the online consultation on handguns and assault weapons: 

“At our gun violence town hall (co-hosted with Julie Dabrusin), we had a wide-ranging conversation with an expert panel. We heard the call for long-term investments in poverty reduction and programs for youth, and for short-term steps to restrict access to handguns.”

Our government has now launched an online consultation on handguns and assault weapons. It is incredibly important that everyone raises their voice in this process.

Online consultation on handguns and assault weapons:

Past Events:

Hope United Church – All Candidates Meeting Ward 19, Beaches – East York
Tuesday, October 16, 2018 6:30 pm
2550 Danforth Avenue, (at Main)
Sponsored by Danforth Village Community Association and Hope United Church
Moderated by Brian Stevens

Thank you to Danforth Village Community Association and Hope United Church and Moderator Brian Stevens. Thanks to the community for coming out to meet and hear from the candidates of Ward 19. It was a full house with many great questions.

TDSB Ward 16 (Toronto Ward 19) Public School Trustee All Candidates Meeting:
Monday, Oct. 15, 2018, 7:30 pm
D. A. Morrison Middle School (doors open at 7:00 pm)
271 Gledhill Avenue, East York, ON. M4C 4L2…/1MVHMGgsWN0eQBFIthAp7rogyE…/view… … @TDSB #TDSBWard16 #BeachesEastYork #Beaches #EastYork #DAMorrisonMiddleSchool
Thanks Michelle Aarts Ph.D., Beaches East York TDSB @aarts_michelle for the notice
Student Vote: All Candidates Forum, Ward 19, Beaches – East York
Monday October 15th, 2018 9:00am to 10:15am The Auditorium
East York C.I. 650 Cosburn Avenue Toronto, ON M4C 2V2
(For Students of East York Collegiate Institute)
Awesome civic engagement at @EastYorkCollegiate auditorium this morning. Thank you Christina Ganev and the History Dept. & student moderators: Dean, Matthew, Imaan and those who asked questions from the floor.
Leslieville Farmers Market & Flea

All Candidates Event: Meet the Candidates of Ward 14 & 19

Sunday, October 14, 2018
Leslieville Farmers Market: 10 am – 12 noon
Leslieville Flee: 12 noon – 2 pm

Spend the morning at the Leslieville Farmers Market located at Jonathan Ashbridge Park and the afternoon at The Leslieville Flea located at Ashbridge Estate ( 1444 Queen street east).

1444 Queen St E
Toronto, ON, Canada

Come and meet all the candidates. Thanks to the organizers,
sponsors, Farmers, Members of Flea and Families for having us.

Thank you @maltais_valerie for the photo during setup at @EastLynnMarket and the all candidates meet and greet put on by @DECAdiaries #BEY #Beaches #EastYork #TOpoli Thanks to the Farmers! Always. East Lynn Market (Park) October 11, 2018.
Thanks To the Sponsors, volunteers in celebration of the 28th Parkview Hills Fall Picnic @ParkviewHills @PresteignPS @justinvandette @TDSB @BeachesEastYork @Beaches

28th Parkview Hills Fall Picnic Saturday, September 29, 2018

Brenda MacDonald and Morley Rosenberg, (candidates Ward 19, Beaches – East York)
Upper Beaches Fall Festival
Kimberly Elementary School

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Thanks to the volunteers, @TDSB, sponsors, vendors and families who came out to support Centre 55Kimberly Elementary School, Beaches – East York

Jazz Vespers Series at Hope United Church (Main/Danforth):  4:30 pm to 5:15 pm
Join the congregation and public in support of Jazz Vespers Beaches/East York,
Brenda  and her husband, Stephen Gardner performing
Hope United Church 
September 29, 2018
Supervising Minister Rev. Malcolm Spencer
2550 Danforth Avenue (Corner Main & Danforth)
Toronto, Ontario
M4C 1L2. 416 691 9682
Kingston Road United Church – Beaches/East York All Candidates Town Hall, Ward 19
975 Kingston Road
Toronto, ON, M4E 1T1Canada
Sep 24, 2018: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM
Hosted by the Balmy Beach Residents Association – Free Event, Open to Public
Get to know your candidates running for Ward 19 in this all candidates meeting. At this meeting the candidates respond to questions from the event organizers and from a public audience. Thank you to the Balmy Beach Residents Association, Beach Metro Community News, Community Centre 55, and Kingston Road United Church for hosting. Thank you also to Beach Metro Community News for Moderating. Thank you to the church community for welcoming us.
Please see attached link: 
Town Hall on Eliminating Gun Violence
with Nathaniel Erskine-Smith
MP Beaches/East York
Town Hall on Eliminating Gun Violence – Nathaniel Erskine- Smith, MP Beaches/East York  
St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School
49 Felstead Avenue, Toronto, ON M4J 1G3
Sep 23, 2018: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Co-hosted with Julie Dabrusin, MP Toronto-Danforth
What can we do to better protect our communities from rising gun violence?
Changes through Bill C-71 introduced to improve gun control, strengthening background checks
Jennifer Valentyne and Brenda MacDonald at the Reese Fallon Legacy Scholarship and Fallon Family Fundraiser, Bob Acton Park, Beaches – East York – August 22, 2018 Thank you to the incredible volunteers who put this all together. Amazing!

Merging of Toronto Police Service facility for 54/55 Division at Coxwell and Danforth Avenue. 

#DanforthGarage envisioned by @CreateTO and handful of residents of Beaches – East York
July 18, 2018

Thanks CBC for including me in their story at #DanforthGarage an idea of merging community space with the newly combined Toronto Police Service Facility for 54/55 Division at Coxwell and Danforth.

I appreciate that they will maintain the Historic Buildings as designed possibly incorporating TTC Administrative Buildings, Toronto Public Library, and community space. More modern childcare facilities, Senior service programming, and an art gallery were just some of my recommendations for Ward 19. I did feel that the density is not as much as I think could have been proposed for this site. I feel the many interested stakeholders should definitely consider the general public in and around the site much more transparently going forward. Individual Constituents should have just as much say as community groups and the local BIA’s. A community based Policing model would better serve all the Beaches – East York ward.

Mayor John Tory and Brenda MacDonald just before the Canada Day Parade in East York – July 1, 2018
Thanks to Mayor Tory for helping me take a selfie! Thanks for being a part of our community on Canada Day. Thanks to the many East York Canada Day organizers and volunteers for an extremely well attended parade and the community for lining the streets! The park was awesome this year! Thanks.

Wanted to thank the politically – active, young students at East York Collegiate Institute for conducting the most democratic debate during the 2014 Municipal Election. Hope they do this again. We are in good hands with our youth! 
Students of East York Collegiate Institute hosted an all candidates debate for ward 31 Beaches/East York:
Friday, Oct. 17, 2014 from 10:05 to 11:07 AM
650 Cosburn Avenue , East York, ON
(Please visit the office first upon arrival).
School Website:

If you require a ride to the polls,
please let us know.
or Email:
We can arrange a ride for you.

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