I have advocated for safer streets and sidewalks since 2010, after 4 pedestrians were killed in my neighbourhood school zone. I live in that school zone. I have run for city councillor 3 times now and hope that many of the issues I bring forward will be addressed. I have continued to study and research constructive solutions to pedestrian safety affording safer streets and sidewalks in Toronto. We all know that we need more than plastic slow down signs on front lawns and infront of schools.

I did not respond to the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (T.C.A.T.) online survey to all candidates, as I am not in favour of their partnership with 8 80 Cities and it’s American streetscape design methodologies, ideologies, tactical implementations, and measures. The City of Toronto has outlaid $109 million dollars to VisionZero over 5 years in partnership with 8 80 Cities and other organizations. As a citizen of Toronto there has been very little consultation with constituents and the general public. Constituents were not given adequate information and consultation to outlay that money for VisionZero.

Toronto should be consulting directly with Canadian Traffic Experts and Professional Engineers, Toronto Police Service, Provincial Transportation Experts and Ministries, as well as, very knowledgeable citizens, victims and advocates in order to design and implement safer streets, bicycle infrastructure and sidewalks.

Footnote: The executive director of cycle Toronto is a director of 8 80 Cities. https://www.880cities.org/about-8-80-cities/our-team/