Policies and A Plan


Leadership with a Vision


Ward 19 needs a fresh, new, strong, leader who represents ALL the citizens in Beaches – East York. Core services and communication are key to building a great city plan. City Council must have expressed support and initiative from all the professional communities, families, businesses and community organizations in Ward 19. 


A well thought-out plan includes the consultation of everyone in our community. Governing associations overseeing our PUBLIC LAND and WATER, as well as, our ASSETS need vigilant attention in making sure our City operates more TRANSPARENTLY.  Taxpayers in Toronto should have the opportunity to be prepared and know what is going on in their neighourhood when it comes to development, construction and most importantly, what to do in an emergency.  – A PLAN.  


Public Land & Water


In the matter of our PUBLIC LAND and WATER, our City Council needs to work with the community, TORONTO WATER, Toronto Region Conservation Authority (T.R.C.A.), City of Toronto Departments of Planning, Traffic, Transportation, etc… and all City Councillors.


NO public parkland (Eastdale Parkette) should be swapped to a developer, ever! This park belongs to everyone in Toronto and as such should be considered part of our inventory of parkland in Toronto.


Taylor Massey Creek runs through Ward 19 and needs our expressed support, consideration and attention, now. This creek is part of the Don Watershed and is a vital sub-watershed to our ravine system. Please be informed about your public land, parks and water.


We can protect our wetlands and our Waterfront Lake Ontario in Beaches – East York, Toronto.


Transit – Get Moving

Torontonians need to have choices in transit and transportation. Ward 19 requires a much needed relief line proposed (the planned subway along Queen Street) to Downtown, as well as, an extensive look at how much service we require and where.
The new subway decision by the former council is the wrong one. We should be updating and renewing the Scarborough Rapid Transit on the dedicated line that is there now. It is a fully funded, shovel ready project that should have been started years ago. Let’s have experts decide future projects; not politicians who do not use the service making the decisions for us.

If 60% of our travel on the TTC involves buses, then looking at refining bus service is a great start. City Council needs to consider Toronto’s Transit fifty years from now and base that projection on what we will need in the future. The current plan supported by all three levels of government was based on the former Mayor Miller’s plan of LRT transit and no longer applies to the growing needs of Transit in the G.T.H.A..  Toronto Transit Commission should be world class.

Affordable Housing

One of the biggest things impacting young adults, families and seniors has been the very high cost of housing in Toronto and now the surrounding G.T.H.A. (Greater Toronto Hamilton Area). City Council needs to work together in all wards of Toronto, and all levels of Government to create a new housing stock, as well as, community housing units. I am willing to work with City Council, the Provincial and Federal Governments to remove more than 87,774 (2016) households in Toronto who are categorized as needing housing from housing waitlists. Real and tangible measures are needed to reduce chronic homelessness in our City. We must begin to repair and renew over 120,000 existing housing units, and some 1,200 high rise community towers in backlog of immediate repair. The aging stock and cheaply-built condo boom that occurred over the past 3 terms of City Council needs consideration for the amount and cost of repair and upkeep these buildings will require over the next 20 to 30 years. 

The injection of almost 1 Billion allotted from the Provincial Government (under Kathleen Wynne) for new affordable housing would indicate that we are expecting a huge population growth in the G.T.H.A., not to mention the endless wait-list for affordable housing.  My concern lies with the 1,200 existing towers that are currently in backlog of repairs and require our attention, immediately.  Toronto Community Housing must adhere strongly to Municipal Licensing & Standards in enforcing landlords provide healthy, livable and affordable housing/properties in the G.T.H.A..

In the consideration of new affordable housing, the onus should be on developers and the City of Toronto to provide a decent inventory of mixed housing that is both affordable and sustainable.  Taking into consideration appropriate regeneration of Water/Sewer infrastructure before building more new high-rises. 

Land Transfer Tax

Not a fan! The Land Transfer Tax is not appealing to young, first-time buyers; families downsizing; seniors or investors purchasing or selling in Toronto.

I will admit that the much needed infusion this tax does bring in, offers a great deal more opportunity toward discretion in where this money is allocated and spent. Toronto Community Housing requires extensive repairs and revitalization immediately, some of this should come from this burdening tax.

Safer Streets and Sidewalks

Since 2010, I have addressed and advocated for safer streets and sidewalks in Beaches – East York Toronto. My experience of having worked in almost every school in East York, Beaches, Scarborough, and Leslieville has helped to give me and our ward a real and tangible perspective on not just the individual concerns and needs of each school zone, but also those of the communities that surround them and how they are affected by decisions directly made by City Council.


In 2014,  I again drew attention to the ongoing concerns of traffic, the need for safer school zones, concerns over Seniors and those with Disabilities safely being able to use the streets and sidewalks, and a more walkable ward in Ward 19. As always, as Taxpayers we were reverted to 311 and not provided any service from our City Councillor.


Thankfully our ward can finally have representation in City Hall.  I am willing to work with all departments of the City of Toronto with respect to Traffic Staff, Toronto Police Service (T.P.S.), the Toronto District School Board (T.D.S.B.), The Catholic Toronto District School Board (T.C.D.S.B.), Seniors and those with Disabilities, and neighbourhoods to move forward with safer streets and sidewalks in Toronto. When changes are made to our streets and sidewalks, Taxpayers like me, want and need to know all the information that may affect us. This kind of communication from City Council in Ward 19 has not been forthcoming and proactive. 


If the largest number of litigations cases filed against the city of Toronto are in fact directly resulting from the condition of the streets and sidewalks  – then fix them!


Does a vendor/business owner on a busy public street have the right to block access and right-of-way to businesses, T.T.C. stops and essential services to Toronto facilities? I say no! If we don’t have enough bylaw officers – then allocate some funds to hire more.


All of City Council should heed the coroners reports and lower speed limits in Provinically zoned school zones and residential streets in Toronto. If we want our kids to be able to walk, cycle or take transit to school we need to provide a safe pathway to do so. We should not have to fight city hall to have safe, walkable streets and sidewalks in Toronto.


Taxis Issue and Car Sharing in Toronto


Taxi issues are a concern for Toronto. Taxi service needs to be fair for the drivers and for the citizens of our great city. We need careful consideration on this pressing issue. We need to examine what changes to the Ambassador Cab program can be made to make it better for the drivers, and for the general public. 

With the recent influx of more than 67,000 more vehicles ride sharing across Toronto (Uber and Lyft etc.), consideration must be made to ensure that Citizens are safe and all stakeholders and drivers are educated, licensed and fully insured. Making our roads safer for everyone is the goal. 




Taxes are too high for the service we are currently receiving. I am a firm believer that our taxes should not be increased (above inflation). I am not a Councillor Candidate who likes to invent more ways of creating taxes. At the rate our water and utilities are going up, we need a better deal for the Citizens and Taxpayers of Toronto.




Fiscal Responsibility in Ward 19

I can demonstrate fiscal responsibility in setting priorities for Ward 19 – A PLAN OF ACTION. Communication is key. 

I can engage taxpayers in a timely and courteous manner, while delivering core services fairly and efficiently. I can communicate effectively with Taxpayers on issues that matter to all of us. I can work with all the communities together to find the most effective and efficient communication tools to help Taxpayers navigate proposed changes to our infrarstructure planning, investment and shared development of our great city.

I will work with ANY Mayor, ALL Councillors, ALL Departments and Associations involving the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario. This requires strong co-ordination and communication with all stakeholders including Toronto Hydro, Toronto Water, Toronto Region Conservation Authority, Toronto Police Service and Emergency Medical Services. Excellent relationships with the Toronto District School Board, Toronto Catholic District School Board, Toronto Transit Commission and Port Authority of Toronto is essential to the citizens of Toronto and Ward 19.

I will work with council to develop a long-term approach to proposed changes to our infrastructure planning, investment and shared development of our great city!

The land transfer tax is not attractive to young, hardworking, first time homebuyers trying to live and work in Toronto. The land transfer tax is a proven revenue stream for the city. We need alternative revenue tools for the city of Toronto that do not require the selling of city assets.